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Handcrafted by Ms. Zeljka Roksandic
Zeljka is a fine artist and gifted healer from Croatia. She has been painting beautiful and extraordinary ties for people worldwide. Her exclusive designs capture the moment and depict the scene's essence. Her collection themes continue to span geographically as with the New York City Collection. Her Healing Ties Collection offers new hope and subtle changes for those you wear the ties. Based on the subject matter of the tie's name and objectivity, these ties carry Zeljka's healing message which activates and heals the wearer.

Did you know that tie originates from Croatia?

Another less used name for the necktie is the cravat. The cravat finds its cultural heritage in the country of Croatia. The tie carries the worldwide symbol of success and dignity. It empowers identity, helps communication, and brings value to a person.

On 18th October 2003, the knot of the largest cravat in the world was tied around the Amphitheater--Arena Pula  in Croatia. This job took two days.

This mega-tie has incredible dimensions: it is 808 m long, its widest point measures 25 m, the knot of the cravat is 15 m long, its widest point is 16.5 m wide and at its most narrow point it is 5.4 m wide. The height of the cravat from the narrowest to the widest part is 3.5 m.

This event brought together the ancient and the modern values of different identities of Croatia.

 History Of The Tie

The tie or cravat is linked to Croatia. In the 17th century, Croats served in France. They were wearing the scarves tied around their necks. These scarves are the ancestors of today's tie. Scarf was for Croats fashion accessory and part of their folk tradition. Women would give their men scarf as a sign of love, and fidelity, and as symbol that will overcome all dangers in the wars. 

Croat regiment in France was known as Royal Cravats. Soon, nobles begin to wear scarves in similar way. New fashion wearing scarves was "a la Croate". This became the root of the french word "cravate".

After negotiations of Croatia and France, French King Louis XIV began to wear cravats. He crated radical change in fashion of that time. After this, Cravats were accepted throughout Europe and all continents as a sign of elegance and cultivation. The English introduced different colors and the way tie was tied. American Jesse Langsdorf cut the cloth in the way easier to tie and created today's tie. Italians added artistic character to ties.

Through ties, men communicate their own uniqueness. The tie is symbol of men's success and personality. Colorful play of patterns on tie expresses men's freedom to enjoy in life. Tying the knot is as holding the life in the hands and mastering it. The tie carries symbolic messages about the man. It speaks to other men about the mastering and powerful Self and to women about the playing and romantic Self.

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Healing Ties

Customized ties to meet your personal expression.
This is for individuals who desire to satisfy a specific flare or style to express their uniqueness.  Arrangements can be made directly by contacting Zeljka. Minimum price per tie $150,00

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