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Performed by
Ms. Zeljka Roksandic, a Reiki Grand Master

& Dr. Robert V. Gerard, Holistic Psychologist and a Reiki Practitioner

Reiki is a Japanese system of natural healing and spiritual development. It is based on an ancient healing traditions from Asia. The founder of Reiki is Master Mikao Usui.

Rei-Ki is a Japanese word and has the meaning Universal Life-force Energy.

Reiki energy balances the physical body system and its subtle electromagnetic field. Nowadays, Reiki is being used as a part of traditional and nontraditional health care. It can be integrated in massage or other bodywork, chiropractic, acupuncture, psychotherapy, and other health care.

Reiki practitioners use a soft touch on the body to focus the energy on specific area. It can also be performed without a touch, remotely.

Reiki increases the natural healing processes in body, can relieve pain, reduce stress, purify mind and balance emotions. It helps in spiritual growth of a person and give a sense of his/her well-being.

Reiki can also be used on plants, animals and for balancing energies of things such as a car, a computer, a home, etc.

The important part of Reiki is the personal learning and growth process through self-treatment. While working with Reiki you can heal specific mental, emotional and spiritual concerns on deep levels and really go beyond the time-space continuum.

Zeljka's Reiki Certificates Accomplished:
REIKI MASTER TEACHER (Master Course-4 degrees of the Usui traditional  system)
REIKI MASTER TEACHER (Master Course-4 degrees of the Usui Tibetan system)
REIKI GRAND MASTER TEACHER (Advanced Reiki with 5th and 6th degree as addition to the Usui system)
REIKI ATTUNEMENT WITH WISDOM SYMBOL (Attunement of the 7th Crown Chakra)
REIKI KARUNA MASTER (2 Practitioner and 2 Master degrees)
REIKI AIRA ATTUNEMENTS (4th degree for the Heart Chakra and 5th degree for the throat chakra)
REIKI CRYSTAL ATTUNEMENTS (Attunements with crystals and 7 symbols)

Practitioner Fees…
1/2 hour Session @ $68
1 hour Session @ $125

A Team Session is very powerful treatment.

1 hour Practitioner Team Session @ $250

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