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Foundation's Products and Services
and Select Affiliate Vendors

We have a wide selection of Kits, Books, CDs, Audio Cassettes, and other fine Products  produced by Oughten House and Affiliate Vendors. In most cases, substantial inventories exist, though, other product inventories are limited, as with specialty and foreign language productions.

If you want to go immediately to the  shopping mall, click to the "Product and Services" to the right.

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DNA Activations, Healings, and ZeRo Point Treatments

This category is for those discerning individuals who are ready to commit to improving their life from a mind, body, social, and spiritual perspective. All items in this category concentrate on DNA Activations, Healings, Self-Empowerment, Alternative Health,  Remote Healing Sessions, and individual well being.


DNA Products

Change Your DNA, Change Your Life
DNA Healing Project Overview

1st & 2nd DNA Activation Kit
3rd & 4th DNA Activation
DNA Activation-CDs
DNA Audio Cassettes
DNA Meditations
Other DNA Related  Products
(Not yet available)
Atlantis Rings
DNA Spirals
DNA Music CDs

DNA Services

Individual Sessions
Remote Sessions

ZeRo Point Products

ZeRo Point Services

Individual Sessions
Remote Sessions
ZeRo Point Energizer
Remote Products
Remote Services

Advanced Reiki
Readings and Healings

ZeRo Point Energizer

Self-Help & Self-Empowerment

Sometimes our daily challenges overwhelm us. Survey this category if you need extra tools and techniques to assist you. Users of this category come from all walks of life: from professional therapists, school teachers, counselors, and special interest groups, including those for children.

Icon Therapy Products
Divine Quick-Fix Healings Book Coloured Icon stickers
Icon Code Therapy-Manual
Customized Empowerment Protocols & Icons
Agency & Institutional Programming

Icon Therapy Services

Individual Consultations
Remote Sessions

Ongoing Coaching & Support
Icon Power for Kids Products

Customized Empowerment Protocols & Icons
Icon Power for Kids Services

Individual Coaching
Group Workshops forKids

Group Workshops for Parents
Ongoing Coaching & Support

Divine Feminine & Angelic Realms

A provoking phenomena now occurs in our Solar System: the presence of a new Feminine Consciousness. Women from all corners of the Earth further demonstrate their power and enthusiasm to rise, be heard, and contribute to the creation of a compassionate and peaceful global community. The tools, techniques, and workshops presented in this category can definitely inspire you and open up new pathways to "Higher Realms of Consciousness."

Goddess Products

Lady From Atlantis
Goddess Grid Kit
Goddess Grid Photos
Goddess Services

Channeled Messages 

Angelic Program Products

Angel Card Set Deluxe (new)
Angel Meditations

Angelic Program Services

Individual Sessions
Remote Sessions
Healing Angels
Ask Your Angel...

Relationships, Communication, and The Workplace

Relationships and Spiritual growth occur constantly. Whether at home, at work, or in between, we are confronted with dialogue, interaction, and intimacy. Our emotions and identity are always in motion and challenged. The products and services in this category direct themselves toward empowering your communication and relationship skills, and provide many proven techniques and guidance. They are definitely powerful and life-long-learning.

Verbal Confrontation Skills Products

Handling Verbal Confrontation-Book

Verbal Confrontation Skills Services

Individual Consultations

Group Consultations
Ongoing Coaching & Support
Life Coaching Products

Corporate Mule-Book
Life Coaching Services for
Professionals & Executives

Individual Coaching
Group Coaching
Remote Coaching
Executive Interventions
Employee Interventions
Organizational Team
Oganizational Behavior & Psychology
Ongoing Coaching & Support

Intimacy Program Products

Personalized Meditations
Intimacy Program Services

Intimacy Assessment
Man's Corner
Lady's Corner
Individual Sessions
Remote Sessions
Ongoing Coaching & Support

Living in the Moment

Living in the moment ignites your greatest powers. Individuals who desire immediate growth and applied wisdom should consider this product line. There are over 50 powerful Universal Truths that focus on improving our daily activities that sustain us and within our relationships, as well. This category offers the individual, educational and non-profit organizations opportunities to generate funds and serve their constituents well.

Living in the Moment Products

'Living in the Moment' Card Set
Individual Cards and Set


Living in the Moment Services

TRUTH Readings
Individual Consultations
Remote Sessions
Ongoing Coaching & Support

  Ascension, Foreign Language &

These category includes an array of foreign language books on ascension, new science, children's books, and other interesting topics in inventory. Discern for yourself, take a peek, and see if these can serve you in your quest for health, bliss, and prosperity. The ultimate expression of our Divine

Physical State truly captures those who understand the Ascension Process, the Merkaba, and the Light Body. The selection of products in this category usually awakens the curiosity of all who open their "Inner Door." Most product listed have limited supply soon may not be available.
Foreign Language Books:

Specialty & Other English Books

Affiliate Vendors and Publishers who desire to advertise and sell on this web site, please contact the Foundation.

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