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Everyone Counts at Oughten House has become an intrinsic truth. Our Photo Gallery is about the people we served and whom became our close friends. Together, all of us make up the community that sustains the Genetic grid that bonds us. We are the Embracers of the Light. Our smiles and interactions truly demonstrate this unique bond of our Spiritual Community and Divine Heritage.

Photo Gallery #1

2000 - 2003

1-2-3-4-DNA Activations-World Peace Retreat 2010

Oufa, Russia--Our host Gula and her family
Togliatty, Russia--our host Victoria

Samara, Russia--Zeljka & Robert deep into Russian land
Barnaul, Siberia, Russia -- DNA Seminar

Nabrezny Chelnie, Russia--Host Igor and interpreter Zenya
Moscow, Russia--Red Square
Umag, Croatia--Intimacy Seminar
Amsterdam, Holland--Desiree, our Host at DNA Activations Course

Ljubljana, Slovenia--DNA Seminar--Mirjana, Robert&Zeljka
Pula, Croatia--Zeljka& Robert

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