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Facilitated by Dr. Robert V. Gerard
with assistance from Ms. Zeljka Roksandic

Life Coaching

The hearts and creative pursuits of the individual drive the souls of entrepreneurs and professionals. Many accolades are presented for the toils and merit of success. With fame, glory and victory come the plethora of challenges and quests. It takes a strong man or woman to stand alone on the path to higher achievement. Who motivates the motivator and who motivates the achiever lie within those who truly know themselves.
Sometimes pressures, ego dominance, and suppression of the creative energy vital to sustain growth can shadow your dreams. Relationships at work and in the home begin to falter. Dreams begin to shatter.

When the need arises, Executives and Professionals can to turn to us in confidence. We can:
  • Rekindle your inner spirit
  • Turn problems into life learning challenges for opportunities
  • Mend the stream of consciousness, which prevails over survival
  • Inspire your empowerment.
If you seek Life Coaching beyond traditional methodology, and desire quick, candid, and result oriented treatment, then call for an interview. Dr. Gerard and Ms. Roksandic work straightaway into what’s really happening within and outside of you. With your cooperation and input, we usually can determine and resolve most conditions. We work discreetly, in total confidence, and avoid enrollments and elongated therapies. Give us a call…

Organizational Behavior, Communication, and Psychology

People skills and competencies can make or break an organization. Most problematic situations are unique to the organization’s environment: the management, the employees, and the system of inter-communications. Prevention helps catastrophe and headaches, and a good intervention can save the company thousands of dollars. But just like backaches, you only know they are there when the pain sets in.

If you suspect an organizational problem or know of a situation that needs attention, we can customize a treatment program for your organization. What we ask for is the facts and your commitment. Call us a call and let’s chat.
Customized Training:
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Ongoing Coaching & Support

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