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Educational and Practitioner Certifications
[as of 1 January 2014]


Oughten House Foundation, Inc. (“OHF”), has decided to totally revamp the Educational and Practitioner Certification Programming. Since 1997, the DNA Activation Program has evolved substantially. As a result, the current book: Change Your DNA, Change Your Life!, Third Edition and First printing, published in January 2012 presents brief descriptions of all Thirteen (13) DNA Activations.

Under the title “The DNA Self-Healing Program for Ultimate Change”, the progressive format of how each DNA Activation helps each passionate individual the opportunity to become more enlightened, alter the consciousness of his or her DNA, and to better express the Divine Attributes already coded within our cells.

Thus in part, fulfilling God’s Divine Plan for each of us to serve as a true living Human-Spiritual Being on this planet. This is a very powerful and detailed program wherein each DNA Activation is systematically presented and reinforced.

Virtually all Certified DNA Practitioners worldwide only know the First to the Fourth DNA Activations. In order for the Self-Healing Program for Ultimate Change to receive worldwide dissemination, a completely new Master DNA Certified Practitioner will be offered. However, this mandates some new and serious thinking, as follows:

  • Be personally trained and work directly under the influence and guidance of Dr. Robert V. Gerard. OHF will no longer offer Practitioner group training.
  • Candidates for Master Practitioner Certification must undergo strenuous testing, including personal, social and spiritual psychologies and philosophies.
  • Selected Candidates must allocate 5-7 days of personal intense on-site training with Dr. Gerard in Binghamton, New York. Candidates need to verify that they are financially sound, healthy and able to serve in a devoted manner to fulfill Master DNA Practitioner Certification demands.
  • The Master Certified DNA Practitioner must become a Business Affiliate of Oughten House and be processed through a Nominations Committee. The Personal, Spiritual and Financial benefits of becoming a successful Master Certified Practitioners should prove outstanding and fulfilling.

Selection will be based on City and Country locations.

As more information is derived, it will be posted. No phone calls please. Serious written inquires appreciated and should be directed to Tina Marie Krisko, Oughten House 123 Court St., Binghamton, NY 13901 USA or email Tina at: contact@oughtenhouse.com

Live our motto: “I command to become Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Lucky”

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