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Techniques for Resolving Issues––

acilitated by Dr. Robert V. Gerard, Ms. Zeljka Roksandic, Certified Practitioners, and Licensed Certified Instructors

—Training Programs—


Hosting gives you a chance to bring the Icon Code Therapy (ICT) Program into your community and earn some extra income. You'll be amazed at the results, feel great for your efforts, and set the agenda to become a regional coordinator.

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Basic Training
(ICT 101)
Open for the general public, this 4-hour workshop reinforces how to use the Icon Code Therapy techniques. It will increase your self-awareness and confidence, and answer specific questions.
Attend the Basic Training Workshop

Training for Professionals
(ICT 200)
This 1-day workshop is designed specifically for professionals in the counseling and educational fields. The professional will be given advance input and strategies with emphasis on the importance of energy and wholeness of the human body including each component: environmental, mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual
Attend the Training for Professionals Workshop


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The "Light" Filling Station

Certified Practitioners

(ICT 300)
The potential Certified Practitioner Candidate will receive specific tools of empowerment on the use and application of the ICT techniques. Each participant will receive the Prime Empowerment Protocol and Unique ICON. Graduates of this course are qualified to present Introductory Seminars, facilitate the ICT Basic Course (ICT 101) course, be enrolled on the Foundation's website, and earn additional revenues.
Attend the Certified Practitioners Training Workshop

Licensed Certified Facilitators
(ICT 400)

Potential L.C. Facilitators must attend this Train-the-Trainer Professional course. In addition to being qualified to teach the ICT Basic Course (ICT 101), graduates can also teach the Training for Professionals course (ICT 200) and earn additional revenues. Participants will undergo presentation skills training and receive additional empowerment and icon work competencies unique to this facilitator level.

Attend the Licensed Certified Facilitators Training Course


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