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Techniques for Resolving Issues––

Created and facilitated by Dr. Robert V. Gerard & Ms. Zeljka Roksandic

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Individual Consultations

Open for individuals who need additional coaching. The Certified Practitioner can help and concentrate on your specifics challenges. Reinforcement of the use of the ICT techniques will also be provided.
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Group Workshops

Small groups are effective mechanisms to reinforce the ICT techniques within the community. This group can be arranged by your local Certified Practitioner.

E-mail Sessions

Individuals who need further insight and coaching can contact any Certified Practitioner or Facilitator listed on the web site.
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Ongoing Coaching & Support

Programs of this nature constantly expand in treatment modalities, strategies, and wisdom. This must always be available. The affiliates of the ICT Program will always be open and receptive of addressing your needs.
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As the ICT Programs expands and better understands the composition of the work, reports and articles generated in the field by practitioners, individuals, and the core staff will be presented. We'd love to hear from you.
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Individual Consultations

Individual Consultations
Remote Sessions 

Remote Sessions
Group Workshops

Ongoing Coaching & Support 



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