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facilitated by
Dr. Robert V. Gerard & Ms. Zeljka Roksandic

Form a Woman’s Meditation
and Goddess Group.
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The voice of the Divine Feminine Consciousness speaks about the global role woman will play to bring Peace and Light into the 21st Century. Importance is placed on mankind’s acceptance of the Mother Creator complementing the Father Creator, thus heralding in Divine Duality on this planet.

The very notion of Divine Duality is promising, for it means sustaining a Heavenly physical state of existence. Since we are the maker of our experiences, the time has arrived for women, collectively, to unit forming a singular powerful voice and, most essentially, a balanced gender behavior. Empowering women to reflect the beauty and royalty of the Mother-Father GOD endeavors to balance the current dominant male energy of global civilizations.

  Become part of a worldwide network of women who can make a difference. Learn what you can do!
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